The theoretical foundation sometimes receives different designations, for example Monografias Prontas, theoretical framework, referential framework, theoretical framework, theoretical foundation, conceptual revision or theoretical contribution.
It is the moment in which the theoretical framework is constructed that will explain the meaning of the facts that one intends to investigate, it is the deepening of what one proposes to study Monografias Prontas.
It should be consistent and updated, and should support a set of concepts and theoretical assumptions that support the researched. It is necessary to indicate in the text of the sources used both direct and indirect sources.
It is what one intends to achieve with the accomplishment of the research, must always start with an action verb in the infinitive such as: to analyze, to evaluate, to ascertain, to compare, to understand, to know, to demonstrate, to develop, to distinguish, to study Monografias Prontas, to expose, to identify, to interpret , observe, search, test and others.
Do not use verbs that should be practiced from the results (because at this time of the work Monografias Prontas are still not known) such as: awareness, improve, innovate and others.
It is a supposed answer to the problem to be investigated, it can be accepted or rejected. It appears explicitly only in explanatory searches Monografias Prontas.
In the descriptive research, "soon after the formulation of the problems we proceed to the specification of the objectives instead of the presentation of the hypotheses. In the exploratory research, the hypotheses usually appear as final product Monografias Prontas."
The introduction should create a positive expectation and interest of the reader for the continuation of the analysis of every article Monografias Prontas. The introduction presents the subject and delimits the subject, analyzing the problematic that will be investigated, defining concepts and specifying the adopted terms in order to clarify the subject.
Concise presentation of relevant points in a document. (Monografias Prontas). Initial part of the article, which should include the delimitation of the subject matter, the objectives of the research and the methodology used to reach them.